Spaceboy Fly (The Mixtape)


Anchorman (Album)


Poundin' tha Pavement (Album)


Like a Dream (The Single)


The Function (EP)


Multiple Personalities (Album)


Unshakable (Album)


Brent Ogee was born and raised in Washington State and has been making hip-hop music for over a decade. He is an accomplished producer, engineer, recording artist, writer, and studio manager. In 1996, Brent started writing rhymes and discovered he had a remarkable talent for expressing himself through music. His passion for creating music turned into an obsession that led him to Seattle WA.

In July of 2000, Brent attended the Art Institute of Seattle for Audio Production. Upon graduation in 2002 he started his own Seattle based production company called Relentless Productionz. Since he has recorded, mixed, and been featured on several albums up and down the west coast. He has also been creative enough to work with some of the top Platinum and Gold Producers in the game. He has been featured on a long list of compilation albums though out Washington and the Bay Area. His records also made their way onto ESPN, Jive Records, and a Jones Soda Commercial. He has rocked shows with several accomplished rap artists such as DJ Quik, DJ Unk, Jay Tee of N2DEEP, Cool Nuts, and Sir-mix-a-lot.

Mr. Ogee moved out of Seattle in November 2011 and made the move to LA to further his career in the music industry. After being in the LA area a couple months he teamed up with Smart boy Entertainment and has been managing the Smart boy studio ever since. He recently recorded and mixed the second mix-tape by Young Marqus entitled “H-Town Sponsor”. He also designed all of the album artwork. He also recorded & mixed the Lela Brown Song “Cake”.

In 2013, Brent Co-founded We On Productions LLC, a recording studio & production team based in West Los Angeles. He is currently working on his 4th solo studio album, an online radio station, as well as several other entertainment business acquisitions. He has transformed himself from a recording artist into a multi-talented individual with a ridiculous work ethic and determination to succeed. His passion for music has earned him a lucrative and prosperous career by exploring new ways to make money through the music business.

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